Not about money, but integrity

By April 10, 2007Punch Forum

Nini Centeno
22 Mar 2007

Mr. Pontaoe,

I guess, we are going beyond the issues! Now…we go to Lambino’s wealth!! You exactly got the point why VG Lambino hardly gets the nomination. He was reportedly not having money to come up with a “P100M to P200M” war chest. He was belittled and humbled even according to earlier surveys, he was topping the race!! It is very unfortunate that obviously, “election” of officials now involves money, instead of integrity and good governance.

Did anybody think that the reason why VG Lambino still remain in the middle class family? Of course, he does not advocate the “kurakot” system which most politicians do when in power! He is an honest person whose ideas belong to the “common tao”.  He is an upright man that is why he is not popular. It is sad to say that the politicians who get a lot of “media coverage” are those who can afford it.

Did anybody think that VG Lambino, being branded as being “poor” is good for the common people? Because he is with them, he knows what their problems are, he knows how it feels to be an “outcast” by the rich, and he would represent them and speak for them! I hope voters are intelligent enough to know that MONEY is not the only basis for winnability.

With due respect, Mr. Pontaoe, VG Lambino may not be “rich” in accordance with the politician gauge of what is “rich” …but people who know him well, consider him ”wealthy” … a man of integrity…. a man of wisdom and…. a man of dignity.

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