Open letter to Mayor Belen

By April 2, 2023Punch Forum

Greetings Mayor Belen Fernandez –

My name is Victor Reyno Junio, a resident and a registered voter of Sitio West America, Bonuan Binloc, Dagupan City. I have now returned to Canada after my 5 months stay in our City. I am blessed and privileged to have 2 countries I call “home”.

During my stay in our City, I made it my routine, 5 days a week, taking morning walk at our Tondaligan Baywalk (October 13 to March 20). While walking, I picked up non-biodegradable wastes, i.e., plastic cups, styrofoams, foil materials, paper plates, beer bottles, etc. on the entire length of the Baywalk and on the sand. My small contribution for a cleaner and safer environment in our own beach and baywalk. Besides the health benefits of walking, this is like “shooting 2 birds with one bullet”! It was privileged to have made new friends during those walks with regular walkers/joggers, vendors, maintenance crews and especially your “energetic” Park administrator, Mr. Albert Gregorio and his staff.

I was also a member of the group called “Akarestas” (headed by former Councilor Chito Samson,) and we frequented Tondaligan Baywalk. We also visited San Fabian, Binmaley and Agoo, La Union, and I must say that, our Tondaligan Baywalk is still the cleanest, safest and organized baywalk. Kudos to the City and the entire Tondaligan Baywalk personnel.

However, when I walked in the area where I believe the proposed Ecotourism Park will be built in my last 2 days, I saw uncollected wastes scattered along the kilometer long beach shore!

I respectfully propose that the City, your administration immediately addresses this very important issue for the sake of safe environment, health and safety concerns. This issue should not be treated lightly as it can lead to more environmental consequences!

I implore your good office, Mayor, to ensure that our City and Dagupenos do NOT become a part of our country’s problem, but rather a part of the solution, and protect our community, our ecosystems for our common future and for generations to come.

Reyno M. Junio

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