By January 25, 2023Punch Forum

To further improve on the online security of our readers, recent changes have been made to the “x-frame-Options”; for the website https://punch.dagupan.com/ , that runs on the popular WordPress  platform.

(The “x-frame-options” HTTP header is used to control whether or not a browser should be allowed to render a page in an HTML frame or iframe. By setting this header to “sameorigin,”; website owners can ensure that their content can only be displayed within a frame on their own domain, preventing malicious actors from using their site in a “clickjacking” attack).

The x-frame-options were upgraded on the site to “sameorigin”, to provide an added layer of security for PUNCH visitors. It helps to prevent malicious actors from using the website in phishing or clickjacking attacks.

This change is just one of many steps that website owners can take to improve their Site’s security. Other measures, such as using secure connections (HTTPS), regularly updating software, and implementing strict access controls, are also important for protecting against potential threats.

In conclusion, the recent update to the x-frame-options for punch.dagupan.com is a positive step towards improving online security for their visitors. All website owners are encouraged to review their own security measures and consider implementing similar changes to protect their visitors from potential threats.

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