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By January 6, 2009Editor's Notes

Dear Online PUNCH readers and Kabaleyans –

I sure hope you were pleasantly surprised on seeing our new website design after viewing the same old template for over 10 years! Yes, it has been that long.

Your SUNDAY PUNCH was the first Filipino community newspaper that dared to take that ride into cyberspace in 1997 in a bid to reach out to our thousands of overseas kabaleyans. Thanks to Wilson Chua, Bitstop president, who shared our vision and helped make it a reality. Today, Bitstop remains our partner, firm in our commitment to make our overseas kabaleyans feel like they never left home.

I’d like to thank Mr. Ginofreo Quesada, a kabaleyan from Pozorrubio and a pro-techie based in Saudi Arabia, for coming forward to help us develop this new design. What you are seeing is the result of a 3-month collaboration made possible by internet. I mention this because I have yet to meet him personally!

But above all, I and the rest of our overseas kabaleyans thank the members of our PUNCH KABALEYAN CLUB for sharing our vision as well. It is their membership that helps us maintain our website so their fellow kabaleyans can never feel away from home.

We will continue to innovate and we will welcome your suggestions and how we can continue to serve you best.

Sincerely yours,


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