Welcome Mr. Lalimarmo!

By March 5, 2006Editor's Notes

March 5, 2006

RE: Kabaleyan members

Dear Kabaleyans –

I am pleased to welcome our first Kabaleyan member of the year – Mr. David Lalimarmo of Massachusetts, USA!

I wish to reiterate our sincerest thanks to him, our past and future members, for without their support the online would not be possible. But more than relieving us of some of our financial burdens, enlistment in the Punch Kabaleyan Club and the renewal of membership by present Kabaleyan members insipires us to do more. There’s nothing like being told we are being useful, and therefore supported.

Also, as you might have noticed, we haved added an inter-active feature to our site by utilizing a blog format. But this was only made possible with the engagement of Ms. Julie Ann Arrogante as our site administrator. She has been working round the clock giving our site a new look even as she manages all posts on an ASAP basis.

Do not hesitate to write to her for any suggestions you might have, send to sundaypunch2@yahoo.com.

I sincerely hope you find our online services more helpful, useful and appealing.



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