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Why more Pangasinenses are for Proc 1017
By Gerry Garcia



    The spat between FVR and JDV over whether PGMA’s proclamation 1017 was “overkill” or  not could not of course be resolved with a mere tossing of the coin. Both are no longer kids.
For JDV it was either proc 1017 or a military junta. De Venecia said had not the President issued the proclamation placing the nation under a state of national emergency we “would have fallen under a military / communist dictatorship right this very moment”.
This was what probably prompted VG Oscar Lambino, another Pangasinense, to come in defense of proclamation 1017. After all it was also another co-probinsyano, Director General Arturo Lomibao     of the PNP, who spilled the beans at a Manila Overseas Press Club forum recently: an alliance of communist rebels and “military adventurists” was aiming to topple President Arroyo.
This was the scenario, JDV says, that FVR was probably unaware of and Joe deeply understood the 77-year old former president’s hitting a sour note when he described the declaration an “overkill”.

* * * * *

A literate middle- ager, a woman, was outspoken in her earlier denunciation of PGMA as a “weak president”. The president, she said, was behaving just like a woman all right because she could not say no to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) who frowned on the policy of imposing the death penalty on violators of heinous crimes.

That’s why GMA was frequently granting reprieve or pardon to some convicts in the death row – – a palpable violation to her administration’s all-out against heinous crimes.

This sour-graping middle-ager is now exultant over PGMA’s suddenly becoming a strong woman-leader when she issued proclamation 1017.

* * * * *

Despite the controversial presidential proclamation, business here in the province remain normal and nobody is squawking against RP’s backsliding to martial law again. Same’s true most probably in all other provinces outside the realm of imperial Manila. After all the national circus is happening only in the national capital with all the riggings for national and international publicity in place. That’s why, instead of overkill, we have an overwhelming number of publicity – hungry OA’s.

Nevertheless we could not help hoping against hope that the worrisome circus will finally come to an end and sooner and our Over-Acting participants shall have regained their senses.







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