Two of a kind

Edener Benitez Fabella
14 Sept 2007



Mr. Sergio Apostol, Malacanang legal adviser, must have graduated from the same institution as Raul Gonzales. Both in their twilight years, tactless and don’t know when to clamp up.

TV footaged showed a Mr. Apostol grinning ear to ear telling everyone, if it were up to him, Joseph Estrada will be hauled off to a Leyte prison situated in the boondocks. There, he will likely become an instant tourist attraction.

It reminded me of what Raul Gonzales said during a presscon on the death of Ms. Julia Campbell a peace corp volunteer. He remarked; Ms. Julia Campbell should have known better not to jog alone and therefore to blame for becoming a murder victim?

It seems if this administration isn’t thriving on the activities of brutal thugs educated in the art of plugging leaks from foul stench, it survives in the services of aging comedians like Apostol and Gonzales by entertaining the public in how to spew horse manure.

I wonder if these two might have mistaken Drano for mouthwash or simply reflecting a defective product right at the top?

One cannot help wonder how these hypocrites can mount such vitriolic hyperboles when they are far more experts not only in how to steal big, but also how to keep it clean and secret?

Must be a new curriculum they teach in the Philippine Military Academy even Jesse James and his gang weren’t this good during their time. When all of this horrible things come to pass and this administration of crooks crosses the Rubicon, Filipinos, have an enormous task of correcting the wholesale prostitution of country and it’s constitution by a minority of thick hide bunch of thieves.

Good Luck Filipinos!

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