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By September 14, 2007Editor's Notes

1 September 2007

Below is an email from Mr. Nap Casilang, a PUNCH Online regular, sent to me last August 17 which I want to share for I think it is worthy of consideration by all posters.

Kuya Ermin and everyone else at The PUNCH:
A little less than a year ago, I joined what I thought to be a very intellectual exchange in the FORUM. I was supporting some ideas and made my remarks against certain other nominations. In either case, most the discourse I put forth (you may actually review my postings from your archives) are relevant to the subject of the discussion.

Is there anything you can do to trim the very personal sniping that is happening in there? For example, Mr. Pontaoe’s recent posting, some people call it “showboating” is tantamount to calling a bonafide Olympian who wore our colors, as nothing but an “also ran.” Granted that this is true, just the very mere fact that an athlete makes it to the Olympics is a testament to the abilities of said athlete.

This is just one example. Look at the postings. There are many entries in the FORUM which have nothing to do with (I believe) what your publication intended it to be! Yes, free speech is a hallmark of true freedom. Showboating, name calling, personal sniping, character assassination, “I am better than you” postings… TOO juvenile for your paper’s purpose.

Just my observation or perhaps I am just being too onion skinned.

Salamat na baleg!

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