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A royal house it was, a royal house it will be

By Johanne Margarette R. Macob

I ONCE dreamt of becoming a part of a royal family, a princess, perhaps. Literally dreamt about it.

In that dream, I was being served by a lot of people with all of the things I might need and even those that I didn’t actually need. I was a princess and I was living in a big, beautiful house. What a majestic abode it was.

After some ticks in the clock, I woke up. The inevitable reality woke me up. And now, I am again in just a small portion of my place. I am no one. I am a dot in the universe.

Nonetheless, the significant thing about that dream was that there was a part of it that actually exists in the real world: the one-of-a-kind royal house. Okay, I admit, for some reasons, at the moment it doesn’t look as picturesque as it was in my dream.

Today, the building looks creepy for one second but more importantly, it’s a vintage. Its open edges somehow express what marvels have affected it. The floras extending out from its walls and corners signal how long it was abandoned. Further, the paint that once covered it has already faded. Poor huge structure it is. In plain words, the royal house is dilapidated at present.

Getting into the details, the house is situated at the heart of my province, in the capital town, Lingayen. It’s a two-storey building beside the municipal hall. It is an edifice which I believe was ruined by yesteryears’ war and other incidences. According to history sites, the structure was built in 1840 by the Spanish leaders during their regime.

A royal house, it was. It was named Casa Real, Spanish for royal house, which provided regal accommodations to the officials led by the alcalde mayor of Pangasinan that time. I guess most, if not everyone, in the province and even the whole country would love to see a noble and historic domicile in this modern era. Surely people would enjoy the view of it.

Well, I alone have always envisioned having a sight and of course, having a grand tour at a royal house. Now I know that dream isn’t so far from reality. For last Monday, September 17, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) approved the ordinance which will restore Casa Real. However, I think I have to stop here. I don’t want to pre-empt things but I’m truly so excited to see the Casa Real look as how it did centuries ago, or even better. A royal house, it will be, anew (fingers crossed).

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