Living life in Quezon City

By Al S. Mendoza



I am a resident of Quezon City for decades now.

I love it here.  No reason to whine.

Trees all over.  Open spaces as wide as the sky. Air still fresh and smells sweet on mornings mostly misty in the non-summer months.

It’s our leaders whose leadership is sadly not up to par.  From the barangay chief all the way up to City Hall.  Cold as ice almost year-round.

This has become palpable amid the pandemic.

Like, I was informed via text by the barangay office of a monetary aid in August 2020.

Up to now, it’s just that: A promise of ayuda (aid).

For the record, I never asked for it.

The barangay sent me a form to fill up.  I did.  After a week or so, they texted me to say I was entitled to an ayuda.

It never came.

My neighbor, who got his ayuda using connections, said to me:  “You are a journalist.  Use your connections.”

Sorry, but not my style.  I go through designated routes.  No detours.  No shortcuts.  If I fail, fine. Not my luck.

Since I started voting, I’ve been casting my ballot in my hometown, Mangatarem.

I’ve changed precincts this year.  I’ll cast my vote in QC in 2022.

Votes matter.  Votes decide.  Votes look to the future.

One vote is one vote.

Mine is for servants of the people.

It has always been that way.

By the way, the following was emailed to me last Wednesday, April 7.

“QC eServices Notification

“Wed, Apr 7 at 1:34 AM


“This is to inform you that at the moment, the Quezon City Government’s vaccination sites do not have vaccines that are allowed for Senior Citizens, only Sinovac vaccines are available.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not advise using Sinovac vaccines for Senior Citizens due to the lack of data proving that said vaccines can be used among citizens aged 60 and above.

“According to FDA Director-General Eric Domingo, the current data submitted to their agency is a clinical trial Phase 3 indicating that Sinovac vaccines are only for 18-59-year-olds. While there is no data to prove its safety among older individuals, FDA will continue to implement such precautions for senior citizens.

“Following this advisory, Quezon City will STRICTLY adhere to this and not allow the use of Sinovac for all citizens aged 60 and above. This is to ensure the health and safety of our Senior Citizens.

“If you are a senior citizen and have previously made an appointment, please reschedule it to when other vaccines suitable for you become available.

“Announcements will be made on our official social media pages and website.

“We thank you for your understanding.

“You may contact the following for any concerns regarding the City’s vaccination process.

QC ProtekTODO:
eZConsult Support:
0919 082 9218
0919 082 9217
For more information please visit:

I called up the numbers a thousand times and one.  Both busy a thousand times and one.

I visited

Result? An exercise in futility. All gobbledygook.

Now you know who my bet is in next year’s elections.

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