Disenfranchising the chikitings!

By Leonardo J. Galvez

BUILDING a hospital is a laudable project. No question about it. While other municipal corporations are scavenging for funds, the city has earmarked fifty million pesos for a 24-bed edifice.

But for heaven’s sake, why drive away the innocent kids from their present abode to give way to a politically-tainted project?

From the looks of it, the feasibility study — if there is any — prepared by the so-called bright, intelligent and well-informed technical advisers, failed to address the problems and negative effects of relocation.

Why not build the hospital in the lot where the children are to be relocated instead? Disturbing the 200 kids and the school personnel is unacceptable and a heartless proposition. If the city can build a hospital of its own that can rival or equal the strategically-located regional hospital, I’ll endorse the relocation of the Dagupan City National High School to the city-owned lot in Calasiao or in barangay Awai in San Jaicnto.

The failure of the DepED to give due course — in a quick fashion — to the city’s request is an indication that it doesn’t look with favor to the relocation of the Juan Guadiz Elementary School.

If city officials understood and dissected the comments of Willy Macob — my co-college instructor at the former Luzon Colleges — of the city schools division office, approval of the city’s request is nil. Interpreted in another way, it means “stop bothering us”.

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