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Broiler production increases with 2 veterinary products


By Dr. Sosimo Ma. Pablico

TOP BROILER contract growers in Pampanga and Pangasinan are pointing to two veterinary products as having played a key role in their being top producers of a big time broiler contract growing integrator.

The contract growers – Enrique Macapagal of Tarlac City, Roe Beltran of Malasiqui and Precy Cuenca of San Carlos City, Pangasinan -unanimously point to Biolyte and Nutradec as the primary reason for their increased productivity since three years ago when Foster Foods started to provide these as part of their production inputs. Biolyte was introduced in 2006 and was followed by Nutradec the following year.

The two products were developed by Berlin-trained industrial microbiologist Dr. Ronaldo A. Sumaoang, president and general manager of the Novatech Group of Companies.

Enrique “Henry” Macapagal, 52, has been into broiler contract growing since 1996 when he took an early retirement from San Miguel Corp. as head of the accounting department of the brewery in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

For a start, Henry and his wife Mercedes constructed two poultry houses that can accommodate 6,500 birds each, and started production in May 1997 as Magnolia contract growers. They now have seven poultry houses with a total capacity of 45,500 birds.

The couple has been shifting from one integrator to another since then. Of the 18 grows they produced with Foster Foods in three years, only two were not among the company’s top five producers. In the 16 grows, they were either No. 1 or No. 2, which means that they were entitled to receive bonuses.

Henry and Mercy were quick to stress that Biolyte and Nutradec plus good inputs and management practices were responsible for their excellent performance. They observed that with Biolyte, “the birds grow big and fat like a balloon and their skin becomes reddish. The birds are so nice to look at.”

They mix Biolyte with the birds’ drinking water on the following days after loading: Days 11 to 13, Days 24 to 27, and Days 31 to 37. Only 3 ml of Biolyte would be needed for every gallon of drinking water.

On the other hand, Nutradec is mixed with the drinking water on the following days after loading: Days 8 to 10, Days 15 to 17, and Days 22 to 24. “Only 2 liters of Nutradec would be needed for 40,000 birds,” Mercy said. She added that the birds grow fast with a great appetite and are resistant to heat and stress.

According to Dr. Sumaoang, Biolyte promotes growth and vitality. It contains biologically active growth factors as well as digestive enzymes that help the birds increase their digestion and assimilation efficiencies. As a result, higher feed conversion efficiency and growth rates are achieved. “Biolyte does not treat any disease, but it makes the birds resistant to diseases,” he said. Birds continuously treated with Biolyte show significant resistance to respiratory infections and other secondary infections caused by Escherichia coli.

Similarly, Nutradec is a formulation of vitamins A, D, E and C, bile digestive enzymes, lecithin, panthotenic acid, and traces of selenium. It is formulated to provide animals all the vitamins and nutrients they need to ensure normal growth, especially under unfavorable growth conditions.

Roe Beltran, 63, has been a broiler contract grower of Foster Foods since 2002 and has been using Biolyte for five years already. It was only three years ago when Foster Foods began to include Biolyte among the inputs given to its contract growers. Nutradec followed two years ago.

Roe starts giving Biolyte to his birds on Day 1 in the morning until Day 4. Thereafter, he gives Biolyte to the birds three days a week. He provides Nutradec to his birds three days a week.

“The result is the immediate conversion of the feeds consumed by the birds into meat,” he said. He shared that before he started to use Biolyte, undigested corn grits could be seen in the chicken manure. “With Biolyte and Nutradec, the corn grits are no longer visible, indicating that the birds had converted it into meat.”

Roe added that Nutradec provision results in rapid growth. He claimed that small birds that could not grow well would still grow if these are separated from the flock and then given additional Nutradec. He said this kind of birds could still reach a weight of 1.2 – 1.3 kilos by giving them Nutradec.

Precy Cuenca is a government employee who realized she would never become rich unless she commits graft and corruption. With a total capacity of 20,000 birds, she has been using Biolyte and Nutradec in 16 grows. Her harvest recovery was never below 96 percent, which is two points above the base standard of Foster Foods.

On the whole, the three growers can only be thankful for the effectiveness of Biolyte and Nutradec in improving their productivity.

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