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Deodorize pig manure with fedgrozyme


By Dr. Sosimo Ma. Pablico

THE OBNOXIOUS smell of pig manure is a big problem of every swine raiser unless they know how to go about in eliminating the foul odor. However, Hipolito “Jun” Saoyao and Marianito Garinggo of Tubao, La Union have licked the problem by adding an enzyme-based solution called Fedgrozyme to the feeds.

In a seminar on livestock production and management, Jun learned from Dr. Jovita Datuin, a livestock expert and head of the Ilocos Integrated Agriculture Research Center (ILIARC) of the Department of Agriculture, that the offensive odor of swine manure could be eliminated by adding Fedgrozyme to the feeds. Incidentally, Jun is the chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Tubao Sangguniang Bayan.

Fedgrozyme was developed by Berlin-trained industrial microbiologist Dr. Ronaldo A. Sumaoang, who is also the president and CEO of the Novatech Group of Companies. It is manufactured by the Novatech Vet and Biologicals, which also produces other veterinary and biological products.

According to Dr. Sumaoang, Fedgrozyme eliminates the odor of the manure by lessening the ammonia that it emits. Likewise, the protein that is still present in the manure continues to be degraded by Fedgrozyme microbial activity. Fedgrozyme is actually a stabilized source of potent enzymes of microbial origin for animal use, Dr. Sumaoang adds. It contains immobilized biological microorganisms, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phospholipids, and other growth factors.

Dr. Datuin reportedly said during the seminar that Fedgrozyme is definitely the solution to the continuing problem of livestock (pigs, poultry, ducks, goats) raisers on the obnoxious odor emitted by their animal manure, most especially during the rainy season when the manure gets wet. The lady livestock expert reportedly told the farmers that she herself could personally testify on the effectiveness of Fedgrozyyme.

Jun adds that during the seminar Dr. Datuin also introduced the use of Biosec as a very effective method of turning animal waste into organic fertilizer.

Most of the seminar participants, however, could hardly believe Dr. Datuin’s pronouncement, according to Jun. Yet, he wanted to deodorize the manure of his swine so that his neighbors would no longer say anything against him and at the same time, make money by selling organic fertilizer from the decomposed pig manure. Hence, he bought 5 kg of Fedgrozyme and 1 kg of Biosec.

He was eager to tell his wife about the two products, but when she heard about it, she concluded that these would be an additional expense.

After three days his wife “was already singing a different tune” for the obnoxious odor of the manure was gone. And when they started to sell the first bag of organic fertilizer from the decomposed pig manure, his wife became more enthusiastic and started to gather the manure herself whenever he had other matters to attend to.

“That is how effective Fedgrozyme is in eliminating the foul odor of the manure,” Jun said.

For swine pre-starters and starters, he mixes 1.5 kg of Fedgrozyme per ton of feeds. For older pigs, he mixes only 1.0 kg of Fedgrozyme per ton of feeds.

He has also observed that pigs given feeds mixed with Fedgrozyme grow faster and heavier. The pigs’ feed conversion ratio (FCR) improves by 8 – 10 percent and the average daily gain in weight increases by 4.5 percent. Litter size has also improved. He adds that the market vendor who buys his fatteners has told him that their back fat is not thick, and this is the kind of meat that is preferred by consumers.

Like Jun, Marianito, a Tubao police officer, is also very pleased with the effects of Fedgrozyme. His piggery is practically a stone’s throw away from the municipal building so he was told to do something about the obnoxious odor from his farm or else he would be forced to close it. Worse, he was throwing his pigs’ animal manure to the irrigation system, making the environmental condition more unpleasant to the municipal employees and his neighbors.

When the municipal sanitary inspector heard of the improved environmental condition in Jun’s farm, he told Marianito to consult him. Right away, Jun sold him 1 kg of Fedgrozyme and, presto, his problem was solved. After one week, he bought another kilo again. And in a span of two months, he has already bought 4 kg.

Fedgrozyme is also used in the farm of Tubao Mayor Noemi Balloquing. Her caretaker, Jovito Bualan, started to use it last July and much has changed since then. For one thing, he said, the foul odor has gone. And for another, the pigs have become healthier unlike in the past when the animals were afflicted by diseases. Mayor Balloquing is very satisfied with the performance of her pigs.

So try using Fedgrozyme, and you’ll find that your neighbors have nothing anymore against you.

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