Malacanang folly


By +Oscar V. Cruz D. D.

Foolishness, inanity, absurdity – these are some of the realities similar to “folly”. And when such is appended to “Malacanang”, it means the folly of its reigning occupant or ruling chief. Put it together, “Malacanang Folly” has reference to the foolishness, inanity or absurdity of the supreme governing figure in the land. This is not meant to offend the sensibility, much less to insult the character concerned. The same disclaimer applies to the latter’s allies and beneficiaries whereas these have really no choice but to side with their patron, to affirm their benefactor. This is but an honest perception.

Call for Unity: Time and again Malacanang invokes this much overused mantra. In official events and informal occasions, in solemn as well as ordinary days, seriously and distinctly is the call for unity made with a straight face and proper emotional overtones. But time and again, as long as the one calling is exactly the same, in vain is the hackneyed invocation made. Reason: The call for unity is made precisely by the over-all cause of disunity in the land. Result: Political, social plus economic disunity in the Country remains standard.

Call for Moral Renewal: This invocation is not only silly and funny too, but also rather pitiful if not downright absurd. The title holder of corruption – and consequent popular distrust and disdain – appealing for moral renewal is like someone deeply immersed in putrid mud while advertising cleanliness and sanitation. Honesty, integrity, rectitude – these are but basic attributions required of anyone calling for moral renewal. Otherwise, it can readily be assumed that there is incarnated hypocrisy or appalling lack of conscience on the part of caller. Result: Corruption specially in government continues as matter of fact in structural nature and syndicated extent.

Call for No Edsa III: This particular plea can legitimately come from anybody but the one precisely making the call. That Edsa I was admired, that Edsa II was tolerated, but that Edsa III will be condemned by the world – this public pronouncement can only be made by someone who is not precisely the prime beneficiary of an Edsa, or who is so self-conceited to the extent of claiming the affirmation and adulation of the whole world, or who is simply hallucinatory in stance. Result: The call merely fell on deaf ears or rightfully earned the ire and disgust of the public in general.

The straightforward cure to folly is reality – usually in terms of a “Wake up!” call. It is about time that Malacanang better become real and thereby accept the truth that more and more people look at it with depreciation and even disgust. It is about time that Malacanang start accepting the truth that after some long eight years, it has brought the Country to more and great loses in the course of its tenure of power and erratic disposition of public funds. It is about time that Malacanang redeem itself from its many and serious governing graft and corrupt practices.

But, does it still have the time?

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