Re: Solution for Dagupan City flooding, garbage in three years

By February 24, 2020Punch Forum

Dear Mr. Garcia;


I visited your office Sunday Punch and got interested in your column (Punchline) about garbage of Dagupan City. There is a solution to solve this perennial problem of the city I had proposed this to the newly elected young Lim. Now, clearly my proposal will not prosper because there is money, big money on garbage. In my letter to the young mayor last July 1, 2019, I submitted a suggestion on how to solve the perennial problem of Dagupan particularly flooding. Come to think of it: Dagupan City hall is flooded, University of Pangasinan is flooded, as I go around the premises of the university, canals are clogged, further, the Pantal river is silted and higher than the canal of the university.

I had proposed to the new city government administration and also approached councilor Francisco Flores, and discussed the problem with him.

Just de-clog the Pantal river using the traming system, a new system I had applied during my days on a company, where silted materials from the Pantal river can create an island near Brgy. Calmay or Salapingao. That island can be used as dumpsite for Dagupan City nearby towns and cities particularly Baguio which is suffering from the same garbage problem. There is also a new technology NO BACK, for applied garbage to be odorless and to some it can be used as fertilizer.

The recent system used by DPWH at Calmay dredging the Pantal River will cost and waste Dagupan taxpayer trillions and then, Dagupan City flooding and garbage problem will not be solved even in hundred years. I am willing to sit down with them, I had transferred my residency to Bonuan Boquig, I know you are a big help, Thank you.


Truly yours,

Jaime P. Imbat


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