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Leonardo Galvez

27 December 2019

Exhuming a 15-year old issue is a waste of time. It’s moot and academic. 

But for City Councilor Joey Tamayo, it’s not.

Tamayo’s proposal to take a second look at the 2004 Awai deal is a waste of time.

It may mean that Tamayo is not fully aware of what’s happening in his backyard. 

As a reminder to the city councilor, the purchase of the 30-hectare lot in San Jacinto is illegal from the beginning.

The land in question is covered under the land reform program of the government. It means it can’t be sold. This piece of lot could only be awarded to the deservings. Gratis!

Tamayo’s claim that the tax declaration of the property is still in the name of the city, won’t suffice. Any city ordinance can’t and won’t supersede a law passed by Congress. 

My tokayo Leonardo Micua is 100 percent right when he said, “Joey’s proposal is a long wild shot”.

If Tamayo wants a legacy he can call his own, he should author a resolution to force the broker to return the 16-million peso purchase price of the Awai lot which the government paid to the latter. 

The taxpayers are entitled to a refund of their hard-earned money. 

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