Open Letter to Mr. Brian Lim

By October 11, 2019Punch Forum


Mayor, Dagupan City

Mr. Lim,

You are almost 3 months in office now as the sitting mayor of Dagupan and my observation is your only achievement is the transfer of employees from one department to another, floating of department heads who were brighter than you are, created a commission on flooding mitigation but became “inutils” when you announced in your TV interview that it will take you 10 years to solve the flooding problem in Dagupan City. Even in the absence or without official study report pronounced by your commission, but you already have your conclusion. “Nauna na ang kalesa bago ang kabayo.”

So the Punchline column of the Sunday Punch written by Mr. Ermin Garcia is very correct. It is the word of an ignorant who knows nothing about the problem. During the election campaign, many boasted that you are a world -class leader, but they did not tell that us that are an absentee vice mayor, that’s why you learned nothing about the problem of our beloved city. The SP has the record of your absences.                                                                                                                                                               

When you went to Milpitas, California, you were accompanied by Pit Pit (Noodles) Tan, and the defacto mayor Red Erfe-Mejia. May I ask, who shouldered the trip ticket of a private citizen joining an official trip? I’m just asking, because I observed that the person of Erfe-Mejia is meddling in the affairs and governance of the City Government, together with Mr. Alfie Fernandez who represented officially his son as the Chairman of Sports Commission in Bacolod and Mr. Teddy Villamil, also as the Garbage Czar of Dagupan.

Is it not that these people are prohibited to hold, join and meddle in any official government affairs under the law as they were losing candidates in the past election? But they are de facto city government officials with a secret payroll in the city treasury. This needs a thorough investigation, and scrutiny of all documents. That’s why budget officer Luz De Guzman is “floating” because something fishy is going on at the City Hall. Was she not accused by Mr. Red Erfe-Mejia to have shredded documents the night before the end of Mayor Belen term?

Now I am paging the auditor to please scrutinize with a magnifying glass all the money transaction of the city as Mr. Erfe-Mejia is good in turning the tables when it comes to storytelling, if you are not used to skinning a cat in several ways, you cannot catch that many of our city officials are good in the face but actually have fake in characters.

In one of your Monday speeches addressed to city employees, you said that one should not only stay in just one side of the corner, you should explore all sides of the corner, and you added that for now your administration will focus on three problems of our city, No. 1 is flooding, which in your statement and action alone, you are a failure, the 2nd is garbage problem, where? Where will you put the 50 years old garbage problem of Dagupan? Have you paid the P16 million pesos stashed away by your father which you inherited in court in that Awai Deal?. The 3rd, as you said is creation of employment, what?

You are dealing secretly to sell the Dagupan City Water District and the City Plaza, just like what your father BSL with the Metro Plaza. Have you not learned your lesson yet? That you will soon meet the fate of your father, oh my God!!! That’s what people who did not think twice deserve.

There’s no substitute for experience, retain the good, throw the bad—this is what you should do Brian, look at the good ones, among which is the elevation of roads, For example, the business district, Rizal Street, Fernandez Street and Careenan Street were elevated and are no longer being flooded. These were already bided, funded and awarded. Don’t stop their construction.

Illegal fish pens, too, proliferated, in the island barangays. Now the clearing of road side of illegal settlers especially at Pantal, Patalan. You should clean that part of the barangay, continue the Core Shelter Project, that is intended for those who will be displaced in that area so that the other side of the road that they occupy will now be free from obstruction.

Moreover, the road going to De Venecia Highway should be used solely by vehicles. Since time immemorial, this other side of the road was occupied by squatters till all the vacant spaces and the river banks were occupied. Only a half parts of the road was left, how can these be called an alternate road going in and out of the highway when it is being invaded by squatter? Can you not do something? Are you not going to continue the one that was started by the former Mayor Belen who attempted to transfer them so that the area can be cleared of illegal structures? Don’t you follow the order of Pres. Duterte regarding this matter?

In the name of good governance and delicadeza, we demand you go out of your air-conditioned office and solve these problems. Do not use your mouth talking without action. What is the meaning of your adopted slogan Our City, Our Shared Responsibility, when on your part you show no responsibility, useless and inutile? Let your Radio Broadcasters continue to create your fake news to make you make great when in fact you are a do- nothing mayor, you can fool people sometimes, but not all the time. Social media print and broadcast media are very much alive. We are watching you, your action, your thinking and your cohorts, you cannot hide any hunky punky activities, even if SP will connive with you we will expose all your shinanigans, Good luck for the next quarter. God Bless you also, may you do better next time. 

Yours Truly,


Pantal Dist., Dagupan City

Member, Bantay Dagupan 

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