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13 April 2013


Re: Proverbial monkeys

I am not trying to argue with you, Silver Rayos, but what I want to straighten out, was the thing you wrote, that exposed something you knew making the police looked like fools, on the murder of Mayor Julian Resuello of San Carlos.

Your words: ” PNoy endorses a killer mastermind.”

It couldn’t be assumed, and perfectly insulting Pres. Aquino endorsed Mayor Julier Resuello, but his political opponent Jack Soriano, which without restrain on yourself so proudly proclaimed a “killer mastermind.”

Would you believe Silver Rayos, the president of the Philippines himself, will endorse a “killer mastermind?” Is he that foolish? I don’t think so!

Yesss! You didn’t mention any names (wala kang binabanggit na pangalan), which is a very lame excuse on your part, probably thinking, the readers of Sunday Punch were born yesterday or they’re such a bunch of ignoramus.

The police can also call on you on what you have been hiding under your bed. You should know something – because such a very sensitive issue, you did manage to blow this … close case … out the water.

You said “this case was dismissed by the prosecutors office” for luck of evidence, but you must have known, there is no statute of limitations involving capital crimes, and with new evidence they can resurrect this case for proper burial.

Remember this; “In criminal jurisprudence everything lives or dies with the evidence – NO EVIDENCE NO CRIME – as simple as that.

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