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13 July 2011


Re: Truth about Urduja painting

Ms. Galvez,

An heirloom’s not a masterpiece – e.g. Leo’s Mona Lisa or deranged Vincent’s Sunflowers – that’s why it has a price … a gutter on the world’s standard … that even Sotheby’s wouldn’t touch with a 60 footer.

It’s really perplexing on what criteria; Espino and his ilk put a tag on a questionable persona splashed on canvas – when a need for authentication should be acquired from an auction house.

Accordingly, Espino took the advice of his confidante Bince, and passed an ordinance to legally buy it.

Will it surprise anybody in the workings of the Urduja cabal? No!

It is well known every contractual nickel and dime passing the SP, a percentage point is needed badly for enactment.

And Gov. Espino being born dirt-poor, a lifetime of greasy rock ‘n roll will not let Urduja run scot-free without paying her dues.

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