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26 May 2011


Re: Perfected art of lying

Why the big deal about the burial of the late President Marcos. First off, most politicians from the barangay captains to the president all cheat and lie.

Yes, we know there was corruption and allegations of other misdeeds under President Marcos but what politician hasn’t been involved in these things.

The Philippines became independent in 1946. The independence was advantageous to the U.S. in that the financial burden of rebuilding the war ravaged country was thrown to the Filipinos. The independence was also advantageous to the future Philippine politicians in that they could line their pockets with the spoils of war. The families of these same politicians still control the country.

What Marcos did does not compare to the Arroyo administration. Under Marcos, expressways and bridges were built. The infrastructure of the country was improved. Yes, there was corruption and bribery involved in these projects. It seems that the Filipinos learned well from their former Spanish rulers. The end results, though, was the country’s infrastructure were being built. The northern express way being built reached Pampanga. Thirty years and five presidents later, after the “People’s Revolution,” that road still ends there.

Prior to the Marcos regime the Pasay and Manila police were some of the world’s most corrupt. Prostitution was rampant, every night club had signs advising you to turn in your guns. Squatters and crime ran rampant in Luneta. No, crime wasn’t eradicated under Marcos but there sure was a hell of a lot less. The same held true throughout the other areas of the Philippines that I was fortunate enough to visit before and after the Marcos takeover.

As a foreigner making continuous trips to the Philippines at that time I was able to see the positives of the Marcos “dictatorship.” I say let the man rest in peace and may God bless his soul.

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