Don’t judge thousands because of three

By May 28, 2011Punch Forum

28 May 2011


Re: Wide variety of dangers

Nuclear power is one of the cleanest form of energy. Yes, accidents happen, can they be prevented? Sometimes. The Chernobyl meltdown was due to human error and the Russian government allowing the plant to remain in operation when it knew that a chance of a disaster was highly possible due to the technology used to build that plant. The disaster in Japan can only be blamed on God. Who could foresee an earthquake of nine magnitude followed by a catastrophic tsunami?

Why judge nuclear power by what happened in Russia or Japan? Judge nuclear power by the countries whose plants that generate 80 percent of their electricity safely. Judge nuclear power by the countries that use this form of energy to power their fleets. Don’t judge the thousands of plants by what happened to three.

Oh, in case you are also thinking about Three Mile Island, made famous by a highly sensationalized movie, remember there was no meltdown and the radiation level there today is no higher than any other place in the U.S.

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