Insulting people’s intelligence

By March 25, 2011Punch Forum

Jeremias Andrade Carrera
23 Mar 2011


Re: Dagupan’s rivers in “sorry state”

Workshops, talks about strict implementation of ordinance, blah-blah-blahs will not solve the sanitation problems of the city as long as the people are allowed to illegally settle and dispose their waste anywhere they want.

What is the meaning of “ZERO DEFECATION PROGRAM”? People will not defecate in public but will throw or dispose their waste into the rivers? If the bright engineers of the city cannot even solve the sanitation and drainage problems, then how can the city prepare for a disaster?

Years ago there were talks or bola-bola about clean and safe drinking water from the taps by the prolific columnist extraordinaire and since that time the water quality worsened.

So it is better for these officials to stop making these grandiose pronouncements because it insults the intelligence of some people.

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