Call for civil disobedience

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silvestre rayos
18 Mar 2011


Re: old boys club.

Mga kabaleyans,get mad and get even. Tandaan tayo ray board members ya nanpasa na 300 percent tax and got a brand new SUV’s in return. These are officials who are supposed to look for your welfare.

Looks like lutong macao. Puede silang mag-increase pero hindi ganitong malaki. Sana may magbigay ng impormasyon kung
paano bomoto mga vocals. Sana mapasa sila ng tax amnesty para magkaroon ng pagkakataong masettle ang back taxes ng mga mamamayan at padalhan ng sulat taon-taon mga landowners para magbayad ng buwis. What we need is a more effective collection system
 and information drive to educate our people to pay taxes. Sa kamahalan ng buwis,mas mabuti pa kayang mag-squatter na lang?

Kasalanan din ito ni Guv Spines din ito dahil hindi niya ito pinigilan thru his veto power unless the board override him. This is a classic “scratch my back and I will scratch your.” You vote for me next election and i will love you and rob you even more, LOL.

Non payment of local property taxes is a form of civil disobedience against insensitive and  oppressive government. It is effective and non-violent form of protest.

Under the leadership of a frail man named
 Gandhi, it brought down the mighty colonial power (British Empire).
UNITE and we are strong. Is it time to clean the house from governor and his court (Provincial Board members)?

If you agree, PLS DELAY PAYING TAXES FOR ONE YEAR. Whatever left with the savings? Pay for basic services or pay for gas .Mag-isip po tayong mabuti!

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