The Filipino Dream

(An Observation on the Filipino Communities in Australia and Other Countries)

By Rado Gatchalian

“Individually, each Filipino is brilliant. Collectively, we struggle to be great. As a Filipino, we succeed in our endeavours. But as a nation, we fail…”


If there is one values we all need to cultivate it should be HUMILITY. To remain humble in spite of what we have achieved in life.

This is my dream for Filipinos.

When we learn to submit ourselves to a greater cause and purpose, we will disregard our own selfish interest. If we only think of genuinely serving others and the communities, it will not be important if we gain something.

To serve is the only thing that we care.

We do not care if we are not leaders but just followers. We do not care if we are not recognised. We do not care if we are not rewarded. We do not care if we remain nameless souls working at the background.

We only care on what we can give to the community. This is the essence of service. This can only be achieved if we are humble enough to admit that we are but servants.

HOWEVER, for some of us, we have this strong desire to be a leader, to prove what we can do. There is nothing wrong with this. It is a positive trait in order to succeed. But it becomes like a disease when we crave for it.

It’s a social cancer among all of us.


It is a social disease because we believe “Mas magaling ako kumpara sa iba!” We cling to this superficial notion that our EGO is the ONLY WAY TO GO! Then we forget that other people are also important.

This could be the reason why Filipinos do not unite.

It is a saddening situation that within our communities – we exist competing among each other. We can never form ONE Filipino group where we can all co-exist and importantly support one another whoever the leader is.

Then if we don’t get what we want and if we do not get this “coveted” title as the leader of the group – our only option is to create our own group. We break away from the original group and form our own group. This is the alternative way for a failed leader to redeem himself as a “self-appointed” leader.

It’s a Game of Thrones within Filipino communities!

To what cause?


It is a shame that we cannot come together as One. It is disheartening that we cannot celebrate one occasion where we can all gather as a family, as Filipinos. United.

Because our self-interest is greater than the interest of our community; and ultimately, of the nation.

If we cannot accept defeat how can we celebrate our victory? There is nothing wrong to accept defeat. Indeed, it is a sign of maturity and true strength.

If we can overcome our EGO, then we can learn HOW TO LET GO!


We have to extinguish this mentality of “Ako lang ang magaling! Ako lang ang tama!”

This is the only way to create a harmonious community.

To embrace others as equally potential and important rather than becoming ego-centric creates a healthy environment for us. We must stop competing among each other.

Why do we keep competing? To what cause? To show to the world that we are the best? To what end? To prove that we are better than the rest and especially to our rivals?

We need to outgrow this childish trait of “sobrang pinepersonal.” The world doesn’t revolve around us. We are not the centre of the universe. We need to be mature to confront challenges with utmost objectivity. It is about time to minimise the unimportant dramas of life but become wiser and open-minded instead.

Filipinos are so emotional. This is a trait that is to our disadvantage. It deteriorates our collective goal to succeed as one solidified group. If only we can take pain with honor and embrace failure with integrity perhaps we can uplift our fellow Filipinos instead of pulling them down.

Sakit na ata natin ito. Crab mentality.

It is my earnest dream that one day we Filipinos will learn and love to uplift our kababayan, to be happy with other’s success, to support our leaders, and to respect one another.

This is my dream.

Help me to make this dream a reality.

Only you – my fellow Filipinos: can help me with this. My prayer is for all of us to hold each other’s hand and walk as One Filipino, for the sake of our Motherland The Philippines.

There is one purpose nobler and greater than our Self. It is our Nation.

Look for that purpose and we can hope that tomorrow, or even today, we can have “Nagkakaisang Pilipino.”

Hay, kaysarap ang mangarap! At kaysarap ding makamtan ito!

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