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Payback time for Acosta, Erfe

By Gonzalo Duque

I just arrived from San Francisco, CA where I had an enjoyable time with Ex-Mayor Jose “Bogs” Esteves of Milpitas City, our kabaleyan, who invited the media in the West Coast to interview me. I suddenly became a very popular figure because of my SSS promotional activities, particularly the opening of an SSS office in New York.

I was there for a 35-day vacation, including a medical checkup in the U.S. and I’m happy to share with you that my medical checkup cleared me of any doubt– that I can still work feverishly in the government, and hopefully any time soon in the Philippine Coconut Authority.

I am still determining, however, whether it is legally possible that I hold the position as administrator of PCA concurrent to my position as Commissioner of SSS.

At the PCA, our job will be basically empowering the poor coconut workers, using the mothballed coconut levy fund. Our coconut workers have been exploited for the last many decades through the coconut levy, collected from them during the Marcos years.

 We will have to look into those transactions entered into by PCA and other entities, like San Miguel and United Coconut Planters Bank.

*                *                *                *

Back to our issues with Dr. Francisco Duque III, Persida (I call her Poorseda) Acosta, together with her friend Dr. Erwin Erfe who I understand that he is an original son of San Fabian, Pangasinan.

We have already strategically planned what to do with these people, including all those who allowed themselves to be used as tools in the plunder cases filed against me and my brother.

For their sake, we will file the cases against them in Dagupan, Lingayen and Urdaneta City. We will also charge them before the Ombudsman for malicious prosecution and continuing persecution against us using government funds to achieve their ends, and seducing and manipulating the minds of the parents of the alleged Dengvaxia victims, making a fool out of them, who although they said that they are in charge of themselves, they seemed to have been misled by these two co-conspirators.

We will file the criminal case with the Ombudsman and join in the cases against them in their conspiracy in establishing a forensic laboratory without authority from Congress. Mrs. Persida has been appealing to people’s emotions, portraying a drama (may paiyak-iyak ka pa) without using legal arguments. That is perhaps the reason why she failed the CESO exams four times.

I  learned that Senator Ping Lacson was told by his inaanak Col. Michael Aquino from Bani, that he read my column in The SUNDAY PUNCH and I can only figure out what he may have said, why I did it only in The PUNCH. 

I apologized for the situation where we found out dahil siya ang nauna, it was an instant reaction.  In such a situation, one does not expect always to be reacting in the right manner, because in such a crisis, especially when one is pushed against the wall, he will also send the message that he will not allow his honor and dignity to be compromised because of the former’s previous unpremeditated action. As far as this is concerned, it seems that all’s well that ends well.

 We need to really study how we can help the NGOCCs, prevent corruption, prevent fraud and other criminal acts playing in the system. No senator or congressman talks about solutions. Instead, they hit the messenger, like my brother, asking him to resign. Unfortunately, my brother will not resign.

*                *                *                *

On my interview in the US, what was originally set for 30 to 45 minutes, was extended to one hour and 30 minutes. And the TFC (The Filipino Channel) played my interview twice or thrice and even the Philippine American Star published a front page story about my interview with them.

So, I suddenly became a celebrity of sort there because I was a very, very cool, cool cat in answering and responding to their questions as compared to my rushed  interview by the Manila press before I left for the United States.

When I arrived in the Philippines,  I saw a lot of news clippings about me and my brother
being sued for plunder. I think I am more handsome than my brother. I said more handsome. (I did not say that my brother Pincoy is not handsome) which is perhaps why Persida is running after me. Does she want to test me? Well, that’s fine with me.

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