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Persida’s argumentum series

By Gonzalo Duque

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – I’m still in San Francisco enjoying the hospitality of our beloved kababayans here and enjoying a bit of popularity after being pursued by the press who wanted some answers straight from the horse’s mouth on some burning issues in the Philippines, like the foolish case of plunder filed against us and some SSS matters.

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As to the case filed by Persida Acosta, chief of PAO, with the help of her forensic consultant Dr. Erwin Erfe, I have nice words for the two. I really pity them because in order to get the people, they manipulate their mind and seduce them into focusing their attention on Dr. Francisco T. Duque III and yours truly.

But wait, did Persida Acosta once say she owed her continued stint at PAO to my brother.  As then chairman of the Civil Service Commission, CSC was able to find a way to secure her tenure without her undergoing the Career Executive Service Officer (CESO) process which requires her to undergo a series of qualifying tests. (We were informed that she failed the CESO test four times.)

Sadly, she is now being charged before the Ombudsman for allegedly appropriating money from her office to build their own forensic laboratory at PAO, purportedly with the help of Dr. Erfe, with no authority whatsoever from Congress, since no budgeted appropriation had been earlier set aside.

I don’t know if Dr. Erfe is from Dagupan City or San Fabian, what I do know about him is that nagdunong-dunungan siya tungkol sa Dengvaxia vaccine. Dapat alam niya lahat tungkol dito, including its proximate cost.

Anyways, back to Persida, I observed that she uses all kinds of false arguments. Mayroon siya kunwari paluha-luha. That is what we call argumentum ad misericordiam or appealing on false emotion. May pautot-utot pa ang kanyang dila. That is argumentum dramaticum.

Ito pa ang ginagawa niya, imbes na i-argue ang isyu, yong kanyang argument ay puro paninira ng puri ng mga tao, kagaya namin. That is called argumentum ad simpaticum. She attacks the person, not the issues making her also guilty of argumentum ad hominem. I noticed that she also resorts to nagpapaka-awa effect. That is also argumentum ad misericurdiam.

I dare Persida to have a one-on-one debate with me to prove if she is really smart as she claims to be although we heard she was also a former bar flunker on her first try to become a lawyer. (By the way Persida, my grade in Remedial Law is 94 I don’t know what’s yours? I can guess because kaya seguro bumagsak ka in your first try for the Bar. Ang aking pinakamababang grade sa ibang subjects ay 76).

These people should be out of public service. Sila ang dapat mag-resign. We were informed na ginagamit ng mga ito ang opisina para lituhin ang ating mga kababayan hinggil sa Dengvaxia obviously for a reason.

Look what happened. Their endless unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations about Dengvaxia caused a nationwide scare that parents no longer want to submit their children for any vaccination. Mind you, this resulted in an incredible 730 percent rise of measles cases this year in Pangasinan over last year’s statistics.

I tell you, yong mga problema ng ating mga kababayan sa Dengvaxia,ay  magkakaroon ng solution soon nang hindi dahil kay Persida Acosta at Dr. Erfe.

It will still be the courts to determine and separate the grains from the chaffs. We are taking the higher ground by just letting the court resolve this matter.

Meanwhile, sumagot na lang sana sila kasi sa kanilang mga kaso imbes na nagdadamay pa ng iba.

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