Playing with Fire

By July 1, 2019Archives, Opinion

Gonzalo on fire!

By Gonzalo Duque

I am writing this column while in Pennsylvania, a northeastern U.S. State and one of the 13 colonies of this great American nation.

Pennsylvania’s largest city is Philadelphia, which played a key role in American history because it was here where the American founding fathers signed the declaration of American Independence and the Constitution. 

I am visiting my sister and her family. But my visit here it seems, will be cut short because I’ve been asked to return to PH for a very urgent and important matter. This I cannot refuse.      

From Philadelphia, I am supposed to fly to California where an arrangement had been made for me to speak before our fellow Pangasinenses now working and living there. My apologies to our kababayans there for not coming to your gathering as I promised.

You see, I am supposed to be on vacation for 35 days. But I am foregoing this vacation to attend to this very important matter. Maybe I will return here some other time. 

*                *                *                *

You know, when I was about to leave for New York, USA last June 20 from the Philippines, I had to appear in an instant press conference due to the insistence of some media men in Manila. I was chased up to NAIA by media people to explain our side on the PhilHealth where our family corporation as well as the company’s stockholders, were mentioned.

The issue was an obvious attempt to drag us to the mess and discredit LNU founders, the late Francisco T. Duque and Mrs. Florencia T. Duque and us, their children.

So, I had to stand up (in that press conference) for the honor and dignity of our family. I know fully well that my brother Pingcoy, as the Health Secretary, who was being unduly accused of conflict of interest, can defend himself against all the attacks made by his detractors because he had lived a life of honesty, dignity, and competence in public service, the virtues imparted us by our parents. 

It seems that those behind the attacks against my brother are the people whom he did not favor as their contracts were laced with venom and corruption. I hope I am wrong.

The others, like Ping Lacson, might be doing this obviously for political reason.

Now that some people allegedly represented by Atty. Persida Acosta of the Public Assistance Office had filed their case before the Ombudsman, we will let this case to rest there for a while.

At the same time, we are now preparing legal suits against some people, among them Mrs. Acosta and possibly Senator Lacson for dragging our family corporation into this mess. This will also include senior officials of PhilHealth who we believe have something to explain about their published illegal transactions about paying claims for alleged ghost dialysis patients.     

With truth on our side, I am very confident that we will be able to deliver a critical punch to demolish all their unfounded accusations against us.

As I have decided to cut short my 35-day vacation in the U.S. I might already be on my way home by the time you read this.

I have to prepare and stand up against this canard and pure demolition job perpetrated by people with vested interests (including political interest) against us.  

I tell you, this is going to be fun! My column here is entitled “Playing with Fire”. For all you know, I may think soon of eventually changing it to “Gonzalo on Fire” for our anguish about some people who did us wrong.

Fire, fire, fire!   

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