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Malinac Lay Labi

Charmaine Clamor



“Malinac lay Labi” is a song so dear to Pangasinense. Perhaps, its melody and words encapsulate the soul of a ‘Pangasinan spirit.’ One great way to celebrate Christmas for us is to sing this iconic Pangasinan song.

Join us in singing this beautiful song. As you listen to it — we hope to share with you our love, wherever you are!

Pangasinan: Aroen tayo!



Malinac lay labi oras lay mareen (Peaceful night, quiet hours)

Mapalpal nay dagem catecep toy linaew (Gentle is the wind mixed with dew)

Samit day cogip co binangonan con tampol (Sweet was my dream, and once I awoke)

Lapud say linggas o sican sica’y amamaywen (My heart insisted that I caress you)


Lalo la bilay no sicala’y manengneng (Especially of you, sweetheart, I behold)

Napunas lan amin so ermenya acbibiten (That all the sorrows I heard are gone)

No nanunutan colay samit day ugalim (If I remember the sweetness of your actions)

Agtaca na lingwanan (I will not forget you)

Anggad cauyos la bilay (Until life ends)


Source/Credit of lyrics with translation — http://www.charmaineclamor.com/08-cc-ha-malinaclaylabi-lyrics.php

(One Pangasinan Association of Australia 2017 Christmas Party)

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