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Camera Brigade

By Leonardo J. Galvez

The time is not that far when flying voters will dictate the results of the election. Not unless a mechanism is in place to check their nefarious activities, they will a be force to reckon with in future political exercise.

These illegal voters may not know it but they are virtually “throwing” the reign of the government into a pit inhabited by corrupt officials.

To put an end to this shenanigan, concerned citizens have to fight back by unmasking the identities of the groups and personalities who financed the scheme. While finger-pointing and identifying the real mastermind may help in drumming up public opinion, there is no substitute of having a full-proof evidence to pin down the real perpetrators.

A camera brigade should be organized in every barangays to document the goings-on in every polling places. Considering that most people have cell phones, they should be organized first with instructions to take pictures of voters whose identity elicits more questions than answers.

After the elections, brigade members will compare their “products” with one another to find out the real impostors. As their names imply, flying voters are not contented in casting their votes in one precinct.

The instant camera buffs should be briefed first about their role. For its part, the sponsoring party should recognize and cite them as partners in bringing sanity during elections.

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