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Flying Voters: An Instrument for Cheaters

By Leonardo J. Galvez

IF the influx of flying voters is an indication of what is to take place in the coming polls, the two warring parties must be consolidating their forces for a possible ugly face-off.

Survey and too much exposure in the media are no longer needed to predict the outcome of the once-in-every-three-years political exercise. The hand writing in the wall is getting clearer.

The importation of voters from neighboring communities — albeit illegal — reportedly cooked up by the henchmen of the present administration has all the elements of anxiety, a fearless forecast that all is not well inside the Lim camp.

What happened three years ago where Al Fernandez was bested by the incumbent is an unreliable gauge to predict another three-year term. The much-talk Awai deal, the proposed but controversial Calasiao lot and MCAdore Hotel sale — to a mention a few — are some of the several issues the present dispensation can not ignore. These will make or unmake them.

The local Comelec should be on guard to detect the real from fake voters. While an ID maybe considered a proof for the required residency, it should disqualify those feigning to be the real McCoy.

US President Obama was asked his ID — he showed his to the election clerk for all the millions to see — before he cast his vote in the precinct where he is a registered voter. He exchanged pleasantries with the election personnel before he was told to go to the booth.

If an election employee can asked the world’s most powerful human to wait for his turn, suspicious registrants should not interpose objections if the Comelec subject them to a rigid but lawful ritual.

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