What’s the fuss?

By Leonardo Galvez

THE fuss over the person of Leo Angeles who filed a suit against the city administration on the issue of graft and corruption surrounding the aborted purchase of the Awai lot in San Jacinto has gone vitriolic. It’s orchestrated by the city’s PR arms to discredit him.

The complainant became the issue and not what was complained about. It’s a strategy that will definitely boomerang. Could it be that his allegations are difficult to refute?

Instead of receiving a pat on the back for his courage in exposing the alleged anomalies, he is being crucified for crossing the path of the well-entrenched and powerful.

We are not pre-judging the outcome of the case but considering the outcry of the city populace whose P16 million in taxes was used to purchase the lot, knowing the truth is paramount to them.

Mr. Angeles had set the standard to which his critics are judged.

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