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A Lasting Indiscretion

By Leonardo Galvez

CAUGHT in a crossfire for committing plagiarism is the city’s chief executive aka Benjie Lim. It came at a time when he is facing various charges before the Ombusdman.

A part of his Agew Na Dagupan 65th anniversary address last June 20, 2012 is a copycat of the remarks of US President Barak Hussein Obama he delivered during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona.

Did Benjie’s speech writer did it in purpose to embarrass him? Or, is it the product of collaboration by the so-called government-paid public relations officers whose questionable credentials are their being members of the fourth estate? If there is credit grabbing in his inner circle — and I’m inclined to believe it — expect more missteps along the way.

To avoid the repetition of another brouhaha, the beleaguered mayor must have called a pow-wow in the inner sanctum of his office and dressed down the supposedly bright and intelligent writers. This is only speculation but given the negative impact of delivering a copied piece lifted from a speech of an international personality and passed it as his own, it has all the elements of plagiarism.

I’m reminded of a provincial employee whose work is to write speeches for provincial governors. I forgot his name but he hails from the town of Agno. The less than five feet in height writer has not given any problem to his bosses. If my memory doesn’t fail me, he served under the administration of former governors and that includes late Governors Paco Duque and Conrado F Estrella. He reports to work walking and uses the same mood of transportation in going home. Riding a calesa during his time is considered an expensive habit.

To add color to this piece, I have this untimely advice to avoid being called a “plagiarist”. During my high school days, there was a paper-bound book entitled, “Love Letters”. For the bohemios, there are lots of love letters to select from which are based on different situations. For the Maria Claras, there are prepared answers to select from. Juan copied word for word the “love letter” he selected which happened to be on page 34 and sent it to his “crush”. Without any hesitation, Carlota sent a hand-written note to the bohemio which read, “My answer to your (love) letter could be found on page 75 of the same book”.

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