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Political frustrations

By Leonardo Galvez 


I SUSPECT that the text message alluding that Gov Amado T Espino suffered heart attack while in the United States was the handiwork of one of the of the provincial board members who is “atat-na-atat” to be the next provincial executive.

It is not a laughing matter considering that it involves life. Out of frustration, politicos who have no chance of ousting the incumbent, employ all means to convey a frightening but self-serving message. Unbelievable!

And by the way, former Gov Victor Agbayani should abandon his plan for a return bout with Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. I have not seen nor met this guy personally but reading his military exploits and his tangible accomplishments, no politician in his right mind is capable of unseating him…assuming that the coming political exercise is fair game.

Aligning himself with the Liberal Party is not a guarantee that former Gov Victor will score a convincing victory. The stigma of being an “absentee governor” and his defeat right in the capital town of Lingayen – his questionable place of residence — do not sit well in the minds of electorates. On top of these, his management style is a far cry from the stewardship of the likes of Braganza, Quimsom, Rodriguez, Sison and Artacho, to mention a few who, during their time made the province the envy of others.

Vic has to retire and stay for good in Metro Manila.

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