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Re: Issue on Full Disclosures, web administrative errors, and Kabaleyan Membership


For the past days, we have been reading postings and arguments about the need or no need for full disclosure of readers who post comments.

I ask our readers-contributors who regularly post their comments to put an end to this contentious issue. The original PUNCH policy not to require any reader to post his/her real name but to simply to require verifiable email address, stays.

Henceforth, we will no longer post comments on this issue. I invite readers to continue to debate or argue ideas and respect the motives or reasons of others who wish to remain anonymous, and still express admiration for those who dare to be fully identified.

I only regret that upon a closer review of the records, our webmaster has determined that one poster has abused the privilege and posted comments purporting to have been sent by other readers, particularly misrepresenting himself as Mr. Delfin and Mr. Pontaoe. This is most foul. We have identified one source and we will blacklist the poster here and now.

Then, because of the flurry of exchanges on the issue, our web administrator inadvertently committed errors, particularly interchanging data of email postings (posting name of Mr. Eduardo Pontaoe with Mr. Edwin Farias’ email address), and failing to immediately validate the sources of the emails. For this, our webmaster and I sincerely apologize but I assure our readers that there was no intent to deceive or make a play on the issue. To protect the integrity of the forum is, has and will always be our primary concern.  In this regard, we are making the necessary corrections.

Our webmaster is now going through the process of validating the other addresses, sources of the emails and matching with them with the posts made.

Meanwhile, I have taken the liberty of clearing the Forum of postings on the “disclosure” issue to help clear the air once and for all and remove the animosity that was clearly beginning to build up. I hope that this will allow all well-meaning posters to revert to their friendly kabaleyan mode.

Finally, on behalf of the online staff, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude who responded quickly to the call of Ms. Ric to register as members of the PUNCH Kabaleyan Club. Among those who quickly registered in addition to Ms. Ric, were Mr. Jose Ceralde and Mr. Eduardo Pontaoe. We will post their names soon as we acknowledge receipt of their checks. Our heartfelt thanks. 


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