E-Forum, not E-Group

I fully appreciate the concerns expressed by posters Mr. Delfin and Mr. Pontaoe. However, while full disclosure is to be encouraged among Forum-posters, this cannot be made a mandatory requirement for the Forum section because this is not an e-group.

What is far more important to the Forum is the idea or the argument submitted by the poster for others to react to or to learn from.

A verifiable email address should suffice for it guarantees that a poster can be reached by any reader for a possible reaction or a private exchange, and or enable PUNCH administrator to communicate with the poster for possible updates.

In fact, we can also post messages from persons who request anonymity but touch on important issues, for security reasons. But then again we need the email address for verification.

In brief, the Forum is a market for ideas, issues and thoughts from all possible sources.

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