Punch Online make-over

By January 29, 2006Editor's Notes

Dear Kabaleyan  

We are presently giving our website (the design dates back to 1997!) a major make-over to make it more reader-user-friendly for our kabaleyans. We are trying out a number of options now available to us to make the site more appealing and convenient, and make it more interactive.  

Some innovations will include more pictures and articles depicting life in various communities, and finally set up the Archives section that will date back to 1956 (the year PUNCH started). The Archives section, however, will take more time to complete as we need to scan our print pages from all the way back with the help of Bitstop.  

We, therefore, ask for your understanding as we make the transition. Expect the site to be offline occasionally but efforts will be made to restore it just as fast.   

We hope that this effort will encourage many of our many Kabaleyan members to reactivate their memberships and still others to join the distinguished ranks of Kabaleyan members from all over the world. Your membership will help us sustain our efforts to keep the online going in service particularly to our overseas Pangasinenses.    

Salamat ed sikayon amin.  


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