An eye opener

Leonardo J. Galvez
1 Mar 2018


Pangasinan is no longer the power house in sports. The Ilocos Region premier province is relegated to the background as a mere “spectator” in the recently concluded Region I Athletic Association Meet held in Alaminos City.

The province’s abundance of resources, notwithstanding, Dagupan City Schools Division won the championship plum defeating the erstwhile sports behemoth and installing itself as the undisputed leader in the Ilocos Region.

This is the first time the City of Bonuan Bangus was crowned champion after years of navigating the sports difficult route by competing against the likes of Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and several cities.

Considering its resources, the defeat of Pangasinan two school divisions came as a surprise. The province has more students and teachers (more) than the combined population of Dagupan, Alaminos, San Carlos and Urdaneta cities.

It will be recalled that during the time of the late Schools Superintendent Florencio M Buen, Pangasinan alway emerged the champion in the region’s annual sports fest.

Ditto also in the Ilocos Region Secondary Schools Press Conference where the province’s campus journalists lord over their counterparts representing the region’s provincial and city school divisions.

Pangasinan defeat in the annual sports competition is an eye-opener. The schools division leadership is on notice that a “repeat performance” next year is a reflection of an anemic leadership.

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