The President knows best

Robert Marquez

23 Feb 2018


Dear Editor,

I couldn’t agree more on PRRD’s statement that the West Philippine Sea and Philippine Rise is ours and the continental shelf below is Philippine’s jurisdiction. And I admire him for that because I believe he knows what he is doing and that is to protect, defend and fight for our territorial waters.

But our President cannot do it all by himself, alone. He needs our support, he needs the help of his fellow Filipinos in fighting for what is ours. We should keep protecting our waters because in the end, we are the ones who will benefit from it.

We, Filipinos, should be the one taking advantage from our own country’s natural resources. We should not let the Philippine Rise or the Eastern part of the Philippines as well as the northern part of our country be a disputed territory just like what happened to Scarborough Shoal or the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea.

I support PRRD’s plan for our country especially for defending what is really ours!

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