New tradition?

Eduardo Aquino Pontaoe

26 Feb 2018


Re Lagmay-Riparip wedding, Feb. 20

Holy Caramba! __ What’s in a wedding a happening! I counted there are … sixteen (16) pairs of sponsors that brought a festive gathering incomparable to “til death do us part” done twenty (25) five years ago. Are weddings in Pinoyland highly commercialized to get even on the cost of such pageantry?

It seems this wedding of such caliber … Lagmay-Riparip … rips through traditions, probably, His Grace, the Bishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, is the designated hitter to shower these … lovebirds … with all the blessings this good Bishop can deliver not usually granted to the underprivileged.

It’s regrettable beyond common sense how wedding procedures are squared off nowadays!

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