Avoidable mistake

Eduardo Aquino Pontaoe

19 Feb 2018

Re: Playing with Fire


Well, it’s new to know that, when MacArthur’s … Army and Naval … forces landed at the stretches of Lingayen Gulf, and Dagupan was designated as … Blue Beach … in the operation, there’s no written record wherein soldiers of the 6th US Army butchered “thousands” of locals watching wide-eyed in the beaches.

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

For the … gonzlinger … to pen such atrocious falsehood without proper editing of the facts claimed by this old fart and … TANGAY-TANGAY ED BONUAN … during that momentous event – the liberation of the Philippines, is an affront to this illustrious newsweekly and to those who follow day-to-day the news in this paper with a passion … especially them people well-versed in the history of the landings.

And to SPIT on the memory of those … American liberators … who made them Filipinos breathed free again, I am damned if I know, what’s going on inside the … gonzlinger’s … coconut, if ever that … grey matter … still functioning right.

How could he the … gonzlinger … make an AVOIDABLE mistake … braggadocio perhaps!

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