A joke

Eduardo Aquino Pontaoe

28 Feb 2018


Re: Suspension order vs. Buted, Gutierrez still not implemented

What a joke!

Requiring 2/3 of the members of the Board of Regents to have a quorum, to suspend these two … clowns … BUTTed and GUTTERez, is an exercise in mind-boggling stupidity.

Forced absences from half of the members in a given session, postponed the enforcement of the decision of the Ombudsman. It was a set-up nice and flawlessly done, that it’s only perfected in a highly politicized and corrupted society called … Pinoycchioland.

Such a dirty … impasse … should be addressed by the Provincial Board, the Office of the Governor, which has an authority how this publicly financed … Pangasinan State University … is run.

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