The meaning of “persona non grata”

Leonardo j Galvez

24 Sept 2017


BORN, raised, educated in Lingayen, I have to take issues with the president of the Pangasinan State University who has no qualms in snubbing the province’s law making body.

I was stunned at the way Dr. Dexter R Buted treats the provincial board. As a proud Pangasinense, I consider his censurable behavior an assault on our values.

To get even with Buted, the provincial board did the right thing by declaring him persona-non-grata, in effect telling him he is not welcome in the Urduja country.

Buted’s snubbing of the province’s law making body is an insult to Pangasinan, the home province of former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal whose mother, the former Eva Macaraeg hails from Binalonan, Pangasinan.

If Buted pretends not to know the serious implication of the word persona-non-grata, he should be told that he is no longer welcome in the province as PSU head.

With a flimsy reason to explain the salient features of the “college free education” the provincial board turned-down his request to appear before the body. No board member is a doctoral degree (PhD/EdD) holder but they can right away sense when they are about to be taken for a ride.

Rather than pack his things and go somewhere where he can “preach” his values, he should be advised not to stay put in the province.

A message to you Mr Buted: Pangasinenses are forgiving but forgiveness has its end.

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