Stupid law

Edwin T

2 Aug 2017


Re: 10 smokers booked for violating ban

 The smoking ban is pure stupidity. As a former heavy smoker no ban kept me from smoking. The ban as written was instituted for one of two purposes only, for the government to have more control of your private lives and to collect more money for the government coffers. Fifty years ago I used to smoke nearly three packs of unfiltered cigarettes (Camel and Pall Mall) a day. The cost of smoking was not a factor in my decision to stop smoking. The cost of a pack was 31 cents a pack and 11 cents a pack away from the U.S. At that time my wife and I lived in a very small place and we had a little baby. I noticed that my incessant need for a cigarette was causing my daughter to cough. It was then I switched from cigarettes to Mint Life Savers. Within two weeks my desire for a cigarette left. It was not government regulations, there were some although not as many as now, It was not the cost of the product. I stopped because of my love for my baby girl. No amount of fines or regulations will stop people from smoking. Thinking that is only a pipe dream.

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