Make reciprocal laws

Edwin T

9 Aug 2017


Re: Pangasinan can produce garlic, say

China has caused much economic damage to the garlic industry worldwide. Gilroy California had the title of Garlic Capital of the World. Although a Garlic Festival is held every year, today the farms are nearly extinct. The garlic from China are smaller and less flavorful. I hope that in the future I will be able to buy garlic labeled grown in the PHILIPPINES. Lets hope that the government is wise enough to subsidize farm produce that can be exported worldwide. Also, there are too many multimillionaires, governmental and private, in the country who are taking their money and investing in America and elsewhere instead of investing in their own country. Had the laws been as it was prior to President Carlos P. Garcia’s Filipino First Policy more money would have been invested in the country by foreigners. Although I was born in the Philippines (La Union) of a Filipina mother and American father, I cannot buy property in the Philippines. My Children although having three quarters Filipino blood cannot inherit anything that may have been bought under my Filipina wife’s name. Money that could have stayed in the Philippines must now be liquidated. If the Philippines is to grow outside money must be brought in. The United States is what it is today because of the free trade although I believe that ALL agreements should be reciprocal, i.e. countries that don’t allow foreign citizen ownership of properties in their countries should not be allowed to own properties in the U.S. A foreign permanent resident in the Philippines cannot own property in the country so, too, should non USA citizens {green card holders) be allowed to own property in the USA. As Ramses said, “So it shall be written so it shall be done.”

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