100 cheers for Alaminos

Edwin T

24 Aug 2017


Re: Alaminos City wins regional MMK award

 Congratulation City Mayor Arthur Celeste and especially the people of Alaminos City. Without the whole hearted cooperation of the city’s people Alaminos City would not have won the Region 1 MMK. With the city’s success also comes its responsibility to the ecology of its waters. So far Alaminos City’s local .government has done a superb job controlling limited access to the frail ecology of, hopefully this will continue. Every visit my wife makes to the Philippines is also a day visiting the Hundred Islands with members of our large extended family. Again Alaminos, more than 100 cheers, 1 for each of the islands, to the people of the city for winning the Region 1 MMk. I have no doubt that the city will win the final competition.


I meant “Every visit my wife and I make to the Philippines.” This time our stay will be over 4 months. We will try enjoy as much as the Philippines has to offer, especially in and around Dagupan City.

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