Why not an ‘exchange’ land deal

Edwin T

28 May 2017


Re: Dagupan district jail congestion worsens

I have the perfect solution although it may not be financially acceptable to certain parties involved. The City is in negotiations with the City Supermarket, Inc to buy land from that group. The CSI is operated by none other than Belen Fernandez Mayor of Dagupan City. In order to prevent the look of impropriety negotiations on the land should immediately cease. The new City Hall should be built in Bonuan. Building the City Hall will enhance the beauty of the area and bring revitalization to an area in need of it. Enlarging the jail will do nothing to bring economic relief to the area. On the other hand building the jail on Fernandez/CSI land will keep those under incarceration away from a very populated area. A well designed prison will not be visually destructive. Building the City Hall on the CSI/Fernandez land does not profit anyone except CSI/Fernandez. Building the City Hall in Bonuan will enhance and revitalize the entire Bonuan area. I can picture resorts, boutiques and first class eateries rising in the area. Building the City Hall on CSI/Fernandez land will only enrich the CSI City Mall by bringing them more business. It does NOTHING to enrich the City. If the CSI/Fernandez Group are thinking of Dagupan City and not of themselves then let them DONATE the land to the City, on condition it be for a new city hall, then there can be no argument on a conflict of interest as to the City buying the land from the sitting mayor.

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