Last grasp?


16 Dec 2014
Re: Punchline – Legacy waiting to happen

It’s almost nine years; almost Pareng Spines’ three terms over; his service to Pangalatotland is ending, and like Don Quixote comes galloping wild into the fray, with Sancho Panza his son … Pogi … riding hard on a donkey, on his tail head-on into a political windmill of uncertainty.


What arrogance Pareng Spines can be! How come his “prolific” mind came to realize this fight against … shabu and maryjane … is last grasp on power fading into the night?

Why he did not do it in his first six (6) years in office? Is it his last card to play, when at dinner drunk with power, he and Pogi decided over the … warm bodies of Ferdie Calimlim, Pol Bataoil … and other pretenders to jump the gun?

Probably so, both of them could care less!

Also, it rubbed the wrong way with Bebot Villar, who is brawling illegal drugs tooth ‘n nail, since these … Batman and Robin crusaders… the daring duo thought about it.

And all of a sudden the Fighting Man of SantoTomas, was pushed under the bus.


According to my … assholes … at the Capitol, Pareng Spines built or building a – mansion – in SanCarlos to claim residency. Is it a run for city mayor not far behind?

Watch out, you Resuellos!

The lawnmower is coming, and your ass is grass!

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