Write a book

Santiago B. Villafania
27 July 2011


“…but what I put here in this Forum I can back-it-up to the hilt.”  then good for you Sr. Tiburon. May I suggest you write it down. We might learn a thing or two. Pian napinabangan met na kaluyagan iratan so amta yo.

Where did i get my …idiotic … source?  That’s what happened Sr. Tiburon. Limahong (Dim Mhong) was welcomed in Pangasinan. Of course, this is not posted in Wikipedia where you probably got your info if not some old books written from a colonizer’s point-of-view.

Again, your being so-called sword of damocles is utterly useless. But at least it tickled my imagination.

Write, Sr. Tiburon. Write a book, I dare you. Oh, and don’t fictionalize your name since we cannot subject or condemn it to damnatio memoriae.

This is not an argument, Sr. Tiburon. Unlike you, I have no flare for arguments and I still have respect for old folks like you despite your sour comments against probably anything Pangasinan.

AS of growing up, hehe I am enjoying my youth. So chilax old man and let me enjoy my milk. I will have ample time to argue with you once you have that book.

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