Squatters at Lingayen beachfront

Anita Burroughs
1 Mar 2011



How do we urge the local gov’t of Lingayen to clean up its beach? Sometime in December 2010 during a trip to the Philippines, I brought my family to Lingayen for a “history trip” and to enjoy the fine sand and cool breeze. However, we were surprised, saddened and GREATLY DISAPPOINTED at seeing squatter colonies right smack on the beachfront!

We were informed by the locals that the Mayor’s residence is quite near these shanties. I wonder what he/she is doing about the problem that’s right under his/her nose. I hope the provincial government does something really soon to make up for the seeming inaction of Lingayen officials. And, of course, before this problem gets out of hand.

Still, my heart goes out to the place and I am optimistic that tourists will enjoy Pangasinan.

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