Right thing to do

19 Mar 2011


Re: 300% property tax increase

It’s a doctoral study in the secretive ways of a night burglar, a thief in the dead of night.

What could be the most acceptable form of financial reasoning when the … cabal of evil… Espino and his thieves, enacted this idiotic legislation to increase 300 fold property taxes Pangasinenses could ill-afford?

Would it be the artful machinations of the Neanderthal of the Provincial Board Alfonso Bince – the architect of this ordinance – whose laughable reason, was that the increase is a necessity in lieu of a decade of no increase in taxes?

Did it come to these members’ stagnant minds, the economy’s in a bind, high unemployment, that the typical taxpayer doesn’t have the wherewithal to absorb a tax tsunami of destructive magnitude?

It’s mindboggling the decision of Espino to sign in haste, without input from the people, if such Godzillan increase, is proper in these hard times.

Taxpaying, is a duty of every citizen. The lifeblood of a state to deliver the services its people needed most. But, what happened, was that even before Espino’s signature dried-up on the dotted line, even before the taxes are collected the … gall … driving him to sign an order for the purchase of 14 SUV’s his thieves and himself couldn’t do their duties without, is beyond the pale.

Ali Baba and his thieves would be crying in their graves! In their thieving careers  they never matched Espino and his cabal.

Jueteng’s back! This monster lying dormant for awhile, is up and running. The cash cow of Espino’s vaunted clean-up act.

Espino in all his promises of reform, in this second term, has been shoved down the craphole. Foremost, the buses ferrying employees to and fro the capitol, are almost empty meaning nobody comes to work on time anymore. The price of Espino’s rub-my-back-rub-yours kind of politics.

And on this Pacquiao knockout blow on taxpayers, I couldn’t agree more on Silvester Rayos’ call to civil disobedience.

Boycott! Right thing to do.

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